Young Adults

YAYoung adults at SCPC are encouraged to consider the great news of the gospel and its power to transform the everyday, whatever that “everyday” involves: study, work and even our spare time.

At SCPC our gospel communities are the key context for living out this gospel-transformed life. A gospel community is a small group made up of diverse people united by God’s love for us in the gospel. We aim to engage with each other in life-on-life community, making the most of every opportunity to love one another in word and deed.

Our gospel communities also have an exciting outward orientation. We’re always thinking and praying and working together to reach out in mission and invite our unbelieving friends and family to join us in Knowing Jesus. On Sundays, these communities also gather for our Sunday services to celebrate the good news and be equipped from God’s word for everyday community & mission.

Young Adults studying at SCU are involved in Evangelical Christians the AFES ministry, a number are in Christian share houses around Lismore and they also meet with other young adults across the north coast at NC Engage through the ministry of NCCC.



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