old mobile phone wanted for tbt

Hi everyone at SCPC
tbt is looking for an old mobile phone (& charger!).
If you have one lying around which you no longer use, and which has been unlocked (so we can put a pre-paid sim card into it), we would gratefully take it off your hands – and we will supply you with a surprise reward…!
The tbt team
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3 comments on “old mobile phone wanted for tbt
  1. Trev Voltz says:

    I have a Nokia phone you can have its 2yrs old and has evreything you need, 3G/UMTS,BLUETOOTH ,64MB MICRO SD CARD,CAMERA etc.
    Its all yours for the cheap price of nothing Ryan

  2. Ryan says:

    Thanks Trev, that sounds great mate

  3. I have one as well – but since Trev got in first that’s fine with me! But if there is anyone else out there wants an unlocked phone – with case and charger and a USB cable let me know. FREE to a good home.

    I got an iPhone 😛

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