GSET  PHATT program

PHATT (People Hearing About The Truth) is a lunch time group that currently runs in Richmond River High School (Mark T, Aaron J and Lucy B) and Lismore High School (James R and Maryanne H).

It’s a relaxed place for Christian youth to invite their non-believing friends to with the hope that they’ll get connected to community at SCPC and ultimately to Jesus. The secondary goal is to spur on and support the Christian youth in the hostile environment that high school can be.

In term 3 we’ll be looking at ‘The Greatest Stories Ever Told’ a series of parables that Jesus told and how they relate to the youthies lives. We’ll try hard to make it as relevant and interactive for the youth as we can. Please pray that this will be the case…

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2 comments on “PHATT, PHATTER and PHATTEREST!
  1. Trev says:

    Hey with Scott Alward leaving Kadina High what are the chances of starting Phatt there it seem to be the unreached school by Phatt.

    • Mark Tirris says:

      We are seeking to start one. But it’s up to the scripture teacher’s approval. If they want it, we’ll start it. If they don’t then we can’t.

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