Prayer this week… Thursday 11 December 2008

Personal opportunities: It’s a really great thing to be praying for ministries that reach out to our community with the gospel. But perhaps the first thing we should be praying about regarding our local mission is the opportunities for gospel witness in our own lives and situations. Who can you be reaching out to with the gospel in your own life, and how? Pray for these opportunities.


Christmas preparations and outreach

  • Pray that people may be challenged about the real meaning behind Christmas and why the creator of the world would come to Earth.
  • Pray that Christians in our community would be bold in proclaiming not only the birth of Jesus but also the death and resurrection.
  • Pray that the preparations for Christmas may not distract Christians from the real purpose— to celebrate and proclaim the Good news.
  • Pray for opportunities to reach out to those in need around the community and to boldly explain why— Jesus.



The political situation in Thailand is in crisis, with clashes between pro government and pro monarchy protestor’s. People have been killed, further strife is predicted and there’s a growing threat of conflict with neighboring Cambodia.

Please pray:

  • That many Thai would see that the forces they’ve always trusted in do not have the answers they need, and would respond to this social instability by seeking for answers and hope that can only be found in Jesus.
  • That Thai Christians and church leaders would be a powerful witness during these unstable times, not being sucked into these conflicts, but maintaining hope, self control, courage, joy and love, and fearlessly speaking the gospel, as they wait for our Lord.
  • That the the political crises won’t lead to further escalation of strife and conflict, taking lives and creating barriers to the proclamation of the gospel of hope.
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