Prayer this week…Thursday 16 October

Personal opportunities: It’s a really great thing to be praying for ministries that reach out to our community with the gospel. But perhaps the first thing we should be praying about regarding our local mission is the opportunities for gospel witness in our own lives and situations. Who can you be reaching out to with the gospel in your own life, and how? Pray for these opportunities.


Friday night youth is a ministry at our church that seeks to reach out to high school students in Lismore with the gospel. There is an averages of 40 kids, with half a dozen non-Christian kids coming along each week. Please pray:

  • that the young people would continue to grow in their relationship with God, through reading the Word and that they would live out their faith at school.
  • that the leaders will continue to build relationships with the youth and to encourage and spur them on in serving the Lord.
  • that the Christian students doing the HSC would hold firm to the hope they have in Christ and that this time would strengthen and deepen their faith.


three more Christians murdered in Orissa

INDIA – Two more Christians were killed in Orissa state after Hindu extremists set fire to nearly 400 homes last week. A local Christian, who wished to remain unnamed, told Compass Direct News that after killing the two men, the assailants massacred cattle belonging to village Christians and burned Christian-owned houses. During this attack, Lalji Nayak and 14 others were wounded. Nayak died from axe wounds and his wife received a serious head injury from an axe blow just below the ear after a Hindu extremist mob attacked their village.  Read more about the violence in Orissa and also seek justice on behalf of persecuted Christians in Orissa.

Prayer points:

  • pray for the Christians in Orissa state, whose houses were set on fire; pray for their homes and churches to be either repaired or rebuilt as needed.
  • pray for Nayak’s widow, Mandaki, to recover from her head injury.
  • pray for the violence to cease in Orissa state.
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