Ministry Papers

bible readings in church

bible readings in church feedback

building a Christian library

child protection

church calendar

creche ministry

drama feedback

daily time with God

drama ministry

Christian share households

giving a short talk feedback sheet

getting ministry done

giving your testimony

giving a short talk

growth group prayer

high school lunchtime ministry

hospitality ministry

joining a growth group

kids talks feedback

kids talks

leading church feedback

leading church

leading prayer in church

leading prayer in church feedback

management committee issue paper pro forma

management committee

leading a growth group

marriage preparation

meeting one to one

one year bible reading plan

music ministry

preaching feedback

personal apologetics

personal evangelism

pre-school mums ministry

raising kids to follow Jesus

primary school scripture

sound ministry

preaching that connects

university ministry

welcoming ministry

youth ministry

One comment on “Ministry Papers
  1. Jaime Dickson says:

    Just want to thank you guys for putting all your Ministry Papers online for free. I recall, around 10 years ago, you guys had these available for a reasonable price. Generous of you to provide them free now. I’ve found them very useful. Thanks for your work! Jaime Dickson.

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