Website Instructions

Image Dimentions

Top slider: 600 x 339

Talk series: 600 x 339

Sidebar image: 172 x 97

Creating a Post


Resizing / Cropping Images


Updating the Slider

Just a note: To make the slide link somewhere, place link (URL) under the ‘Video and Link’ tab.


Updating the Sidebar


Updating the Menu


Managing The Common


Uploading a Talk


Creating a new Talk Series


If you require further help please leave a comment below.

2 comments on “Website Instructions
  1. David says:

    Hi DK. Thanks for these instructions! Today’s talk had a slide that compared Israel going to God for help with Israel going to Jephthah for help. Is there a way I could somehow attach the PowerPoint that Dylan used during his Bible Talk in the podcast upload? I could save it as a pdf first if that’s better.

    • David Kemsley says:

      Hi Dave, sorry for the slow reply. Yes you can either upload a PDF in the media section (above the talk details text editor) or, perhaps a better way, save it as an image and embed it in the talk information (insert image). Let me know if you get stuck.


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