Safari Sunday 2014, On the race..

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3 comments on “Safari Sunday 2014, On the race..
  1. Mitch Roberts says:

    Thanks Ritchie. Thank God that Jesus suffered and was rejected on our behalf – and in Him might we follow Him.

  2. mark tirris says:

    You mentioned that the heavenly prize is much better than the earthly one. Can you expand on that and share some reason why it’s better?

  3. James Ritchie says:

    Hey Mark.

    Good question.

    There’s so many great reasons that the heavenly prize is better than the earthly prizes we seek. (see God face to face, no more sin and sufering etc) But the reason the passage gives is in verse 14 where it says: ‘for here we do not have an enduring city but we seek the one that is to come”. So, this world, and the prizes we seek here won’t last – we are looking ahead to an enduring city. – The new Jerusalem: A place of safety and security, where God dwells together with the people of God.

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