Taiwan Blog: Day 10

This morning we made a visit to a local Christian orphanage for babies who have been abandoned. The Scott’s had fostered a child from there recently. It was an emotional time for me as I’m expecting a baby early next year. The American director gave us a run down of the history and vision of the orphanage. She mentioned that for every 1 child born in Taiwan there are 3 aborted. We sat for an hour and played with newborns to 2 year olds. A number of them had special needs like Down syndrome, head tumours and other heath issues. I prayed for a number to go longterm to Christian families and eventually be saved through Jesus. I left their feeling a deeper desire to love my child irrelevant of any health issues. I believe God loves all people and offers all people salvation so I want to love all people and offer all people salvation including my child and any other child irrelevant or the health status.¬†image image

After lunch we went to the local school we attended last week. The highlight for me was seeing a boy named Jack (English name). He was a Taiwanese boy possibly from a broken family. I wish I could stay here and mentor him, but not right now as I need to go back to Australia. Lucy told them a Bible story and they listened intently. Marshal will continue on the story next week from where she left off.
Tilley and I took Bill (the Scott’s middle son) out for a birthday treat. We went and got ice tea. We talked about our relationships with Jesus and weather we trust him as saviour or not. We also prayed for him.
We finished the night with going out to dinner with Marshal. We went to Love River in the centre of the city. There was a nice breeze. I’m not sure if you realise this but it’s been so hot that many of the team has often ¬†felt dizzy and sick.
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  1. stewart Playsted says:

    “I hope you don’t feel too sick so you can keep telling people about Jesus”


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