Taiwan Blog: Day 11

10743805_10203934976868195_160684180_n We made it!

By God’s grace we have reached the end of our last full day!

The men started the day with a debrief with Marshall (the girls debriefed with Julie). This was a great time of sharing our high points and struggles. We also got to hear more about how God brought the Scott’s to Taiwan.

We then did some group debriefing together and at the Scott’s request had some praise time through singing…in English.

After cramming 8 people into the car It was off to the country for lunch at a haka (local minority group) restaurant…(if you consider soup with a full chicken head floating in it food) followed by gift shopping.

We were pleasantly surprised then to have Linda make the trip to join us, the Scott’s and Hsu’s for dinner and our final night together.

unnamedAfter much sharing of pains and praises we ended with much singing and rejoicing in our Lord and God.

Now its time to rest for the long trip home. Please pray God would give us wisdom, insight and discernment as we consider All we have experienced.

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