Taiwan Blog: Day 8

IMG_0639This morning we went prayer walking with Marshal and his TEAM mate Jeremy. We made two new contacts with local men in the markets. Jimmy is a young man who sells fruit and Ian has a fresh fish stall. Please pray that Marshal will be able to continue to talk to these men and ultimately that they’d be saved by Jesus.

We then visited a temple that houses the ‘god’ of agriculture. They always feel like spiritually heavy places, so dark and desperate.

This afternoon we went to a high school to teach about Jesus. Mark showed a set up piece video of Bon Jovi’s ‘It’s My Life’ and then shared his testimony about how he used to live like this but now that Jesus saved him his life now belongs to Jesus. We also broke into six discussion groups with each of the team members leading a group. IMG_0625My group was particularly hard as no students would speak or even answer a question I’d ask. Pray that Julie would have opportunities with these girls in the future. Pray I won’t be discouraged about this, but trust God to use all I can give. It’s hard being here as a mum as I am so far from home and the family I love.


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3 comments on “Taiwan Blog: Day 8
  1. Pete Thompson says:

    Hi team

    Thanks again for the update on how the trip is going. And just a quick word of encouragement to Alice who has left more behind than most to be there – don’t lose heart: we plant and we water but God gives the growth (1 Cor 3:6) and so we can be confident that our labor in the Lord is never in vain (1 Cor 15:58).

  2. Matt Crosthwaite says:

    We love reading about what you’re up to each day. Thanks for taking the time to keep us up to date. We (the Crosthwaite’s and 3/4 of the Huxley family) have been reading your blogs and praying for you each day.
    Alice, your boys are doing fine. We’ve all loved spending time with the boys. They (and us) are looking forward to having you home. We are thankful for the opportunity to serve you and your family while you’re away. It’s been a great opportunity to talk about our partnership with our Christian brothers and sisters in Taiwan and Christs love shown through our gc family.
    Love to you all

  3. Mark Tirris says:

    I’ve been so aware that god was possibly using my absence as much as my presence. A pretty humbling experience.

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