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On behalf of our church family I would like to thank Jillian for the great job she has done as our ministry co-ordinator.  On Sunday we were able to formally thank Jillian and pass on a gift. It was also a good opportunity to ask some questions about the upcoming arrival of baby Coutts.  Below are some of the highlights from the interview.

1.    Jillian, the obvious question first: how long to go and what’s your hunch, boy or girl?

Well, I’ve heard babies tend to arrive when they’re ready rather than on their due date, but there’s 3½ weeks until my due date.  As for a hunch…well, we both keep changing our minds! Initially I thought it was a boy for a long time, but recently I’ve been leaning more towards a girl, but then switching back and forth, so we’ll be happy with either!

2.    Jillian, it feels like you were the smiling face and cheery voice of Southern Cross for so long – how long was it really and what are your most lasting memories of being ministry co-ordinator?

I was only ministry co-ordinator for 18 months, but it was a very busy 18 months at SCPC!  I guess the main thing that will stay with me was the experience of working in a full-time ministry environment, not only for myself, but seeing and being involved in the lives and ministries of the rest of the staff team and the many challenges and joys that come with that.

Over the past 18 months, God has really challenged me in my own personal godliness, and also in the need to pray for our leaders, and I’m very thankful that I was able to work in such a godly staff team, and in a loving church family.

3.    How can we pray for you in what lies ahead?

Please pray for wisdom for myself and Ian as we begin this new journey of parenthood together.  Pray that we will still make time for each other and be a godly team in bringing up our baby to know and love Jesus.

Being parents will bring new opportunities for us, so pray that we’ll make the most of these opportunities to point others to the cross.

I would personally like to thank Jillian for her dedication and what she has done for our church.  She has set a great platform for me to work from and I hope that we as a church will be able to support her in what lies ahead.

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3 comments on “thank you jillian
  1. Nicky Pryor says:

    Thankyou Jillian for all your hard work!!!!!!!!! I’m excited about meeting baby Coutts. Praying for both you and Ian during this new adventure.

    Great blog Julie – keep up the good work 🙂

  2. Peter Yock says:

    Thanks a million Jill – for all your hard work; for always being encouraging; for serving us all in so many ways.

    I like how I always managed to create more work for you, yet you never complained! You’ll make a good mother.

  3. Ryan says:

    It was a joy Jill. Truly. Thanks for all the hard work, but also the friendship and good times. Praying for you both as you set on this new stage of the journey.

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