The Bible Talks 2010… exciting changes ahead

It was great to have Akos Balogh visit Lismore last weekend – as the current AFES staff worker with TBT, it gave me an exciting glimpse into what’s in store for TBT and gospel ministry at SCU in 2010.

Yesterday Akos and I spent a serious chunk of time in the plaza at uni: we were there for 4 hours and had a constant stream of TBT students dropping past for a chat, excited to meet Akos and think about the future of TBT. It’s stuff like this that gets me excited about TBT: not only seeing each student grow as a Christian, but also seeing TBT students growing together as a visible group of Jesus’ followers on campus, excited to think about ministry and where it’s headed at SCU.

On Sunday at SCPC, Pete interviewed Akos about the new direction for TBT. From 2010, the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (AFES) will employ both Akos and myself in full-time gospel ministry at SCU, which means that TBT staff are no longer employed by SCPC. This also means, as Akos explained on Sunday, that gospel ministry at SCU now depends upon the generous donations of many people, both in Lismore and elsewhere.

As residents of Lismore, SCU is a major mission field right here in your backyard – please consider how you can join with TBT in gospel ministry and support mission to uni students in Lismore. Everyone can be a TBT supporter through praying regularly for TBT. Additionally, you might be in a position to contribute financially – which as you saw on Sunday, is a great need for TBT as we expand this ministry. For more info about this, please contact myself or Nicky Pryor, or go to the AFES webpage.

I’d like to thank everyone at SCPC again for your continual support through prayers and giving – your partnership with TBT in gospel ministry is a great encouragement to us.

Katharine Crossle

TBT DVD from sunday… (in case you couldn’t see it in the MPU)

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4 comments on “The Bible Talks 2010… exciting changes ahead
  1. David says:

    Hi there,

    Just wanting to know if TBT has any preferences for how donations are done – e.g. would it be best to set it up via the AFES link above and select Southern Cross Uni?

  2. katharine says:

    Hi David,
    Thanks for your concern to give to TBT, and thanks for your question. AFES has every possible option available for how we can give to campus ministry, but all these options can be overwhelming!

    You can give to TBT by filling out the paper form (available at the church office or download from via the AFES link) OR by giving online – which ever option suits you best, it doesn’t make any difference to TBT.

    However, TBT does have a preference about where you direct your giving. You can direct your giving to either Akos or myself individually, however it’s more flexible for us if SCPCers to give to ‘SCU – Lismore’. This way, your giving goes into the general campus funds which can be divided between Akos and myself as is needed – it’s a bit more flexible that way…

    In online giving, you go to the ‘campus’ drop down box and select ‘southern cross uni, lismore’.
    OR, if you’re using the paper form, you would just write ‘southern cross uni lismore’ in the 2nd box.

    thanks heaps for your support of gospel work at SCU. Akos, Sarah and myself are all thanking God so much for his provision for gospel ministry at scu through scpc.


  3. Dawn Tabbert says:

    My daughter is a student at Southern Cross University in Lismore, NSW, Australia. What times and where do you meet? Is this ministry non-denominational? So you have a statement of belief?
    Thanks for your time.

  4. Matt Simpson says:

    Hi Dawn.
    Thanks for making contact. My name’s Matt and I’m the Staffworker with the Christian group (called Evangelical Christians or EC) that we have on-campus at SCU, Lismore. We meet each Wednesday (during Uni time) from 5pm in room Z.182 for a Bible talk/short discussion and have dinner afterwards too.
    The EC group is affiliated with a non-denominational Christian organisation called the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (or AFES). Feel free to have a look at the AFES website (link below). And my profile there also has my contact details if you’d like to get in contact with us directly at
    While you’re there on the site, the Doctrinal Basis can be found under the ‘About’ section on the website. Hope that helps!

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