The Bible Talks: Growing Together in God’s Grace

Yesterday at The Bible Talks we began a new series of talks from Paul’s letter to the Colossians. We posed the question ‘how is Jesus relevant today?’ to students, and learned that the gospel calls us to join in on something much bigger than ourselves: the great journey of all those all over the world following the way of Jesus. It’s been great seeing the group grow this year, with a lot of new faces coming along to our main meetings on Tuesdays, quickly becoming regular faces, building friendships and sharing their lives throughout the week, and welcoming friends who don’t know Jesus into their relationships.

Please pray for our ministry at the uni, that we would see our group grow more and more in love and grace towards each other through hospitality, encouraging conversation and service, and that many students who don’t know the Lord Jesus would see his grace at work in our lives. Please also pray that Christian students would hold firmly to the gospel and not chase after what the world offers instead.

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One comment on “The Bible Talks: Growing Together in God’s Grace
  1. Simon Allery says:

    Sounds like tbt are doing some great stuff…