the bible talks: o week

The uni year is about to start again. Next week is orientation week, seeing many new students arriving to town and campus, to start a new stage of life, one that will see them with more freedom than ever before, and see them making decisions about the directions of their lives. ‘O week’ is a big week for new students, and also for ‘the bible talks’ on campus ministry. Next week we’re hoping to contact every new student and let them know about ‘the bible talks’ and the saving message of Jesus Christ.

This week we’ll be:

  • conducting surveys getting students to interact with and question their views on God and the Bible;
  • placing a card in 1800 university show bags given to new students, inviting them to ask some tough questions about Jesus Christ;
  • maintaining a strong presence around the uni with our plaza table, t- shirts, posters, show bags and merchandise;
  • building authentic relationships with students through uni social and sporting events;
  • holding events such as beach trips and barbecues;

Please pray for ‘the bible talks’ during O week:

  • for Christian students to be passionately involved in every effort to connect with new students at uni, eager to serve and gracious and loving in building friendships with new students.
  • for Christian students arriving in Lismore for the first time, that they would be keen to get connected with a faithful Bible teaching church, being established and strengthened in their faith, and getting involved in ministry at uni
  • for the many lost students arriving at the university, that their uni years would be a time of questioning what they’ve always believed, searching for answers about their world and their lives, and that the bible talks would faithfully rpesent the answers of God’s Word to these students.
  • That God would use the efforts of all those involved in tbt’s work during o week to soften students’ hearts to the transforming gospel of Jesus and draw them to himself.
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