NCEngage ‘The incomparable Christ’

20160405_095119This weekend April 8-10 at North Coast Engage (NCCC young adults conference for year 11 and 12 students to 25 year olds) Mal Gill from SMBC will preach out of Johns gospel on ‘The incomparable Christ’.

Please pray that even as we play for this trophy, in the under 21’s Vs over 21’s soccer match, and try to ‘compare’ who has what it takes to be the victor, we will remember that when we look to Christ, we see true greatness and so will be freed from trying to be, great.

Senior youth (yr 11-12) who are attending North Coast Engage, will depart from the Lismore High School car park this Friday at 7pm (please bring your registration form, with medical details etc,  even if you registered online).

Junior youth (year 7-10) will participate in a ‘big game’ at LHS for the normal time 7pm-9pm (please bring suitable clothing and footwear).

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