The Last Missionary


When you hear the word missionary what comes to mind?

Is it the Church, local and global? Have a read of the words from a song intitled:

The Last Missionary // 最後の宣教師

Yo, who’s the last missionary? The last Eve The Last Adam marries/ the last hope in these last days here, she’s/ the mother of all livin’ in Him, the perfection of feminine/ symbolism in scripture right next to wisdom// she’s the reason He made the first Eve, when the mystery’s first seen/ the day before His creative work ceased/ when He said that the man must first leave his parents, to her cleave/ and through their unity she will birth seed// the assembly of diverse peeps, from all of the earth’s peaks/ and valleys who rally for their worst need/ she’s “Ecclessia” see the word’s greek, and those who discern speech/ know that in English we call her “Church” she’s// both local and global, when close she’ll expose you/ and show you your role in the whole group (no clones dude)/ she’s known through her produce, her foes got that faux fruit/ and clothes but she’s no fool, she knows wolves (like old news)// she’s old school but so new and though cool her soul won’t/ condone none of those who oppose truth (she holds true)/ she won’t move roots in dope news/ of hope fueling “go” through her social and vocal (she won’t lose)//

The veil doesn’t block her and hell couldn’t stop her the/ the bells couldn’t rock her, he’s got her (that’s my church)/ He’s mocked when you mock her, and God isn’t mocked sir/ what’s dropped is the crop earned, he’s got her (that’s my church)// with no truth, you’re not her, a grown dude is not her/ alone you are not her, he’s got her (that’s my church)/ the wolves can’t de-flock her, the rumors will not work/ her pulpit is God’s turf, he’s got her (that’s my church)//

*Lyrics by Stephen The Levite

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2 comments on “The Last Missionary
  1. Trevor voltz says:

    Missionary veteran Peter Wagner says,
    “Some things in life are optional and some
    are not. Wearing shoes is optional. But
    eating is not. Driving a car is optional. But
    once you choose the option, driving on the
    right-hand side of the road (here in America)
    is not. Becoming a Christian is optional. But
    once you decide to ask Jesus Christ to take
    control of your life, involvement in world
    missions is no longer optional.”

    John Piper states that,“where passion for
    God is weak, passion for missions is weak.”

  2. mark tirris says:

    Thanks Trev,

    Yeah the thing that I really like about this rap is that it points out that the Church is God’s missionary to the world both locally and globally. It’s not the task of a select few but all of us. Thanks for your comments.

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