The Ordinary Hero chapter 1 discussion

Hi everyone

Welcome to the first discussion blog for our Ordinary Hero reading.

If you’d like to join the discussion – whether that’s with a comment, question or response – please use the “responses” link above. If you make a comment then you’ll also be notified by email of any follow-up responses.

The way it’ll work is that I’ll kick the discussion off each week – usually on a Tuesday – and then we’ll continue the discussion throughout the week. Of course the primary forum for discussion will be in your small group or DNA group but if you’d like to engage across the church then this is a great way to do it.

This week we’re looking at the introduction and chapter 1: how do you know God loves you?

I always find it helpful to approach reading a book with a goal of some kind – what I hope to get out of reading it. That goal will be shaped by what I learn about the book from its title (and subtitle, which can often be even more informative), ¬†and also from any preliminary pages like a “foreword” (usually written by a friend of the author) or an “introduction”. After reading those early pages I usually know what I can hope to get out of the book and whether or not I should bother to keep reading!

So after reading the foreword and intro to the Ordinary Hero here’s how I’m hoping to benefit from reading the whole book…

  • first, I hope to tighten the connection between what I believe and how I live – i.e. between the gospel and my ordinary, everyday life
  • second, I hope that as others in my church & GC & DNA also read the book, we’ll become a community that is more-and-more different from the culture around us, more-and-more shaped by the gospel and therefore more-and-more effective in our proclamation of the gospel

What about you?

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