The Ordinary Hero Chapter 3 Discussion

Well I hope that many of you have now got your hands on your very own copy of the Ordinary Hero and are enjoying getting stuck into it.

Chapter 3 is called “Humility”. It introduces the idea of “humble confidence” as being the key attitude in an appropriate response to God’s love revealed at the cross. Tim explains that confidence comes from God’s undeniable declaration of love revealed in giving up his son for us. Humility comes from looking at ourselves as active participants (through our sin) in Jesus’ death.

So in this chapter we are called to “live the cross” in humble confidence. What surprised me a bit was that there was no call in this chapter to “live the resurrection”. I think that understanding the resurrection also helps us to have an attitude of humble confidence because we look to the cross to see what we deserve but to the empty tomb to see what we’ve been given by grace.

What are your thoughts on chapter 3?

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  1. Trevor Voltz says:

    I think Chester talks about the resurrection and the cross more in the 3rd part of the book page 105? i think, but yes i agree it would have been better if he had put in “live the resurrection”its definitely something we leave out in our own conversations when talking about Jesus.

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