The Pastors’ Pen

We held our Food For Thought events over the weekend. Here’s an encouragement and a challenge… 


Across our three gatherings there were approximately 45 guests, and likely many and many more invitations on top of that as well! It’s greatly encouraging to see our church family eager and willing to invite people along to meet Jesus.

For me returning to Lismore, one welcome surprise has been how strong the culture is of intentionally investing in meaningful everyday relationships with not-yet believers, and then when the opportunity arises also inviting them along to evangelistic events. Jesus is worth sharing and our church family believes that. 


Can I challenge you to be intentional in following up with the people you asked along (whether they came or not)?

Perhaps catch up for coffee and ask how they found it? Perhaps invite them to hang out with a few people from your Gospel Community? If they couldn’t come and you think it would be appropriate, perhaps send them a link to the talk? You may also want to share with them one of the resources we mentioned at Food for Thought (see pic). We will still have some copies available to pick up and give away this Sunday. 

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