The Pastors’ Post Transcript 10 Oct 2021

Welcome to The Pastors’ Post, for a short update.

After interacting with Jeof Falls, who is the General Manager of Presbyterian Church of NSW, he has made clear that sadly Bible studies are not captured in the exemption for NSW churches. Therefore, as I alluded to on Friday, we will continue to meet on ZOOM for DNAs until 1st December. On the same grounds as our Sunday gatherings which I mentioned in Friday’s Pastors’ Post, we want everyone to be able to come together around God’s word in DNAs in person across the whole church family. “All one in Christ Jesus”.

So to sum up our roadmap at Southern Cross Presbyterian Church, we want to welcome all to our Sundays gatherings from October 31st or November 7th and we want to welcome all to our DNAs in person from 1st December, even praying that some who currently don’t know the Love of God would even one day join us too.

For remember that great reminder Jonah declared from the belly of that fish:

 ‘Salvation comes from the Lord.’
 Jonah 2:9

Thanks for tuning in to The Pastors’ Post.