The Pastors’ Post Transcript – 26 November 2021

Welcome to The Pastors’ Post, an update for life at Southern Cross.  

Well, we’re about to tip into the silly season! Next Wednesday, we launch into December and find ourselves hurtling towards the end of another complicated year.

Our Youth will have its Christmas party next Friday 3rd December with a trip to the beach. We give thanks to Gabby and our Youth Leadership Group who have successfully guided our youth across this term.  

And with the release of the confirmed roadmap for NSW from December 15, Celebration Sunday will now take place at the Lismore Showgrounds on 12th December with a slightly earlier start of 9am. Our large tapestry is ready to be hung as we celebrate how our Father God weaves our story.

Then, the following Sunday, 19th December will be our community Carols at Lismore City Hall. Our program has been sent to the events coordinator down there – they are ready for us! Are you ready for it?!

Yes, that’s right, December is just around the corner. Christmas is coming, so start inviting friends and family to City Hall. During the week, I was chatting to one of our young adults and they said they invited two work colleagues along to Carols and hearing it was at City Hall they said they would be keen to get along. If you do want a paper flyer for Carols, check on the sign-in tables on Sunday, or come past the office in Park Ave in East Lismore.

We will have two Carols concerts: the same concert across two time slots. The first time slot is 5pm, and then it will be repeated again at 7pm and it will go for around an hour. A basic kids program will be run for Preschool to Year 6. Alternatively, they can come into the main auditorium, if they wish to watch the carols.

Just a reminder, we will have no 9:45am gathering on Sunday 19th December, however, Southern Cross Goonellabah will meet at Invercauld house at 9am on 19th December.

Finally, Christmas day, Saturday 25th December marks our return to Lismore High School. We will meet at 9:45am on Christmas Day. On Boxing Day, Sunday 26th December, we will meet at 9:45am at Lismore High School. SCG is not meeting on Christmas or Boxing Day, due to the challenges of bookings and penalty rates with Invercauld House.

So, 9:45am on Boxing Day and no 6pm gathering. Rather, for those who are around on Boxing Day and are interested, we will beat the crowds and we will head for Coraki. Yeah, that’s right, Coraki! For a BYO picnic lunch.

A family at SCPC has always proudly boasted about the beauty of Coraki. Secretly, I must confess, I lived in unbelief, so about two weeks ago, my family drove the 20mins to Coraki and had to eat humble pie. (Actually we ate Coraki pies from the bakery…which were great!). So here I was, sitting, eating my humble pie along the river in the shade at Coraki. So if you and any family or friends that may be visiting you on Boxing Day, feel free to come along to Lismore High School at 9:45am, then pack a picnic lunch and whoever is around, come down by the river at Coraki.

Then Sunday January 2nd, we will be back with a 9am Sunday gathering at Southern Cross Goonellabah and then 9:45am and 6pm at Lismore High School.

Christmas and the New Year is super close so let’s love our city more by sharing the true message of Christmas, of our saviour Jesus who came to liberate us! To free us from self-love, to free us from the fear of death and slavery of sin. The Church, our church, Southern Cross, is on a rescue mission.

Let me read from Galatians 1 and verses 3-5:

3 Grace and peace to you from God our Father
and the Lord Jesus Christ,
4 who gave himself for our sins
to rescue us from the present evil age,
according to the will of our God and Father,
5 to whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen.

Thanks for tuning in to The Pastors’ Post.