‘the voice’ you want to hear

TheVoice2013_bigI must confess there is something that sucks me into the blind auditions phase of ‘the voice’. I really like the concept that this potential new vocal star is judged upon simply that, their voice! Not how tall they are or what size or how marketable they could be. No the judgment is based simply upon the quality of their voice. It’s their voice alone, that will swing the coaches chair to say… ‘well done’.

But even what I like about the voice just cannot compare to judgment of the Christian. I mean picture it, we stand on stage not being judged just on our voice, but our whole life, every word spoken, every action done, every thought conceived, of everyday we have lived. I can tell you what, I wouldn’t want the judges chair to swing around on me. Cause it definitely wouldn’t be a… ‘well done!’… But a ‘what did you do!!’

So thanks be to God for his son, Jesus. Who steps onto the stage and covers my shame. So that as that chair swings around and the judgment is passed. The voice that is heard says… ‘well done!’

Not because of the performance of my life and the things I did, but based upon the performance of what Christ has done.

As the judge looks he sees not me, but he sees the sinless one, the perfect one, Christ.

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  1. Trevor Voltz says:

    worship is not what we sing but how we obey

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