This Sunday…

Well the school holidays are finally drawing to an end – Suz and the kids are just now heading out to grab uniforms etc – and that means everything at church is gearing up as well.

This Sunday we begin our term 1 series – “the gospel-centred life” – by asking the most foundational question of all: “what is the gospel?” I wonder how you would answer that question. What would you include, what would you leave out? Throughout the term we’re going to be considering the profound impact that the gospel should have in the life of believers – in areas like decision-making, how we speak and listen, our attitude towards possessions and how we face suffering and even death. But first things first, let’s take some time to consider – what is the gospel?

We’ll also be hearing about what’s happening at “mum & me time” (formerly known as MOPS) and don’t forget to hang around after the service to share a meal (bring and share) and say farewell to our great friends Matt and Jasmine Simpson.

And on top of all that, it’s time to take the next step towards gospel community formation. So if you’ve been weighing it up and think you’d like to catch the first GC wave, there’ll be an opportunity at the connect table on Sunday to put your name down so that you don’t miss out.

At the start of a new year it’s also a great time to invite friends along to church. So let me encourage you to do that for the first time or perhaps to re-new an old invitation. And even if you don’t bring anyone along, let me encourage you to make an effort to welcome anyone who looks new to scpc this Sunday

See you there!

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