Thoughts from the outback

IMG_2557“It’s been great to be in such a good team and to get to know the team better. It’s a great opportunity to meet people in Beltana and to look at God’s work, in the way David and Gae talk to the people in Beltana.”

Daniel G

“1. The value of teamwork
2. The impact of lay people on non church goers.
3. The  importance of wholehearted preparation. Even in serving small groups of people.”

Scott H

 “What a big job it is to take Jesus to the outback. People are softening to the message through David and Gae.”

Greg B

“We saw how much it meant to David and Gae that we were there to support them and help with some much needed jobs such as cleaning out the rubbish in the back of the church building in Beltana. Relationships with the station owners and workers was wonderful, we could engage in their lives to get to know them as a team.
Also we as a team with each of our gifts were able to bring the gospel to the outback on Easter Sunday”

Isabelle B

“1. It was good to do some preparation, like write a testimony. It helped to see who were the links in your life that brought you to Jesus.
2. It takes a lot of links to bring someone to Jesus and there can be long periods of time between those links, especially for people living in isolated places.
3. The Easter Sunday service was very intimate and the preaching impacting, in such a small building”

Bronwyn H

“It was a joy to serve together in a team in the outback. At every turn, people would be cooking and cleaning. No one was ever needed to be asked. I’m not sure whether others on the station were aware of the selfless attitude of the team. But their genuine concern for each other, is so refreshing, in an age of ‘rights’. David and Gae share this loyalty and eager servant heart. May the spirit empower them to continue renewed each day by the depths of the gospel and so show the heart of God, to the outback, for his glory.”

Stew P

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  1. Praise God for willing able workers. We appreciated your hard work and everyone’s prayers for the outreach. Many lives were touched by the Gospel and the scriptures in the form of scriptural fridge magnets or Bibles (9 were taken/given) keep God’s word available in their homes. The SCPC team and the Brands were a fabulous uplift and we valued the fellowship with them all. Hope to see them again at Beltana (or anywhere) and this time hope that it doesn’t rain for the camel ride.

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