Vision for Lismore and beyond…

It’s Vision Sunday on 16 November and last Sunday we were reminded about mission, not only here in Lismore but beyond…

A member of our church family, James Ritchie will be heading overseas to Thailand at the end of this month to spend a couple of months thinking through what it means to serve Christ overseas.

James will be working with a mission team in the Karen village which is on the Thai-Burmese border and will be spending time encouraging other Christians and sharing the gospel with unbelievers.

He will also be visiting other missionaries and Thai Christians to find out what its like to live and work as a missionary in Thailand.

Please pray for James while he is away (leaving on Sunday 30th November – returning on 18 February).  During his time away James will be thinking through what it means to work in overseas mission long term and how to best glorify God in his life.  Please also pray that James will be loving in how he shares Jesus with others.

James will be coming back earlier than originally planned and he had a few reasons for doing this including his family and also his excitement for connect09 and his involvement with mission right here in Lismore.

Vision Sunday is only a few days away where we will all be able to look ahead to connect09 and see what part each of us has to play right here in Lismore.

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