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Welcome to the new SCPC site!

The new site aims to give a fresh look, make it easier to navigate and adds a bit more functionality. The site has also been migrated to a faster provider which should give a significant boost in speed.

One notable change is that the weekly bible talks will no longer appear on the front page as posts. This will help minimise clutter so the front page can be used more for Church family updates and other helpful / informative posts. Talks can still be accessed by clicking ‘browse’ in Bible Talks section on the right sidebar.

Also in the right sidebar is the ‘What’s on’ section. Clicking on these items will take you to a page providing further details about the item.

Over the next few months we’ll be endeavouring to keep the site active so watch this space…

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4 comments on “Website Update
  1. Pete Thompson says:

    Hi DK

    Thanks heaps for freshening things up for us! The site looks great and I’m inspired to get blogging again! Thanks heaps for plying your part using the gifts that God has blessed you with.

  2. Hey DK, when I click on the RSS feeds (posts, talks, music) on the right sidebar it just brings up a bunch of code. What am I supposed to do with that?

  3. David Kemsley says:

    Hi Pete,

    The RSS feeds are a way of automatically ‘feeding’ content between sites or programs. To use the RSS feeds you would normally right click the link and copy the link location/shortcut and then paste it into the relevant program such as iTunes (for audio), news feed application or website (for posts).

    Instructions on feeding the talks (or music) automatically into iTunes can be found here:

    Hope this helps.

  4. Jillian says:

    Hi DK,

    LOVE the new look. Really fun and fresh and made me want to look through EVERYTHING!! Thanks so much for your great work!


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