Weekly Prayer Meeting starts Thursday July 24

prayer meetingIt has been fantastic to hear the call of God’s Word to mission in our current Bible Talk series. As you may be aware, we’re also beginning to plan for CONNECT 2009 – a year of focus on mission. ‘Focussed’ because, of course, we’re always wanting to make mission a priority. Sometimes it’s helpful, though, to bring something into full focus even as a reminder that that’s what we’re always here for: to be light in the darkness, promoting the gospel of Jesus Christ in Lismore, our region and the world.

We are eager to start with prayer. Planning can come later. In fact, as we grow in our prayer for mission we will hopefully also start growing in our action in mission. And some of the best planning will emerge from that – from the mission that’s already happening! As much as anything, we’re not thinking so much in terms of activities and events to plan (that often just make us busy and take us away from mission in life) but rather praying that we’ll awaken to the mission opportunities that make up our everyday lives. We also want to include prayer for world mission in this outlook.

While we want this prayer, preparing for a year of mission, to happen through our small groups so all can participate, an additional special mission focus weekly prayer meeting will be open to all: THURSDAYS 7AM STARTING JULY 24 AT PARK AVE. We anticipate this weekly prayer meeting will run to the end of the year. Please join us as we talk together with our great God about the work of his gospel in us and through us.

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