What to do With Money You Never Had

If you found $50 lying on the footpath, what would you do with it? I imagine plenty of thoughts spring to mind! I wonder how many of them are prompted by a desire to be generous towards the growth of God’s kingdom?

The Reserve Bank announced this week that it’s dropping official interest rates by another .5%. If you’ve got a home loan like I do, it means you’ll be better off. On a $300,000 loan the difference is about $20 a week. It’s money you never had. What are you going to do with it?

I’ve got three suggestions that are all about using it to grow God’s kingdom…

1. David & Gae McDonald going to share the gospel in outback South Australia

We have the privilege this year of partnering with David & Gae as we send them to share the gospel with those for whom being part of a church just isn’t possible due to their geographical isolation. Our privilege in partnering with David & Gae also entails responsibility. As a church we have allocated $2500 from our “other ministries” budget to help support David & Gae but that’s less than 5% of the total funds that they need to raise. If 50 SCPC families decided to give the money they never had, 1000 families in outback SA would hear of the hope they never had. That sounds like a pretty good investment to me.

To give…

  1. By filling out a response form (available on the serve table) on Sunday and either giving it to David or Gae or dropping it in the “Everything Box”.
  2. By paypal or credit card (either one-off or regular payments) – http://pim.org.au/sa_johnflynn_patrol.htm
  3. By cheque  – make out to Presbyterian Inland Mission and send to Presbyterian Inland Mission, P.O. Box 4014, Croydon Hills, VIC 3136; and include a note that it’s for the SA patrol
  4. By direct deposit – Account name: Presbyterian Inland Mission; BSB: 033 397; Account: 213311; and include “SA patrol” or “McDonalds” in the description line

2. Missionaries with CMS

I received an email today from CMS. Their Queensland and Northern NSW branch  needs to raise $826,178. That’s a lot of money! The money we never had would be well spent in making it possible for our friends and many others to keep up the great work they’re doing. If you would like to know more about these ministries, check out the serve table on a Sunday.

To give…

  1. By Credit Card – Go to our website http://www.cms.org.au/give  (Don’t forget to choose Branch Queensland with Northern NSW).
  2. By Credit Card – Phone the CMS Office on (07) 3112 6530.
  3. By Direct Deposit into our Bank Account (BSB: 034 003; Account 124063), include in the description field some thing that identifies you (e.g. Surname, Christian name. It is best to also send an email to CMS letting us know you have done this – qld@cms.org.au).
  4. Send a Cheque to CMS-QNNSW PO Box 526 Fortitude Valley QLD 4006.
  5. If you want to set up regular giving, please call or email the office and we will send the paperwork out to you.


And we shouldn’t forget our responsibilities closer to home either. At the end of February we were already substantially behind budget for the year. If the trend continues, there’ll be nothing left in the bank by the time 2013 rolls around. We have such an incredible opportunity in our town and our area to hold out the word of life to each other and to our friends and family and neighbours who so desperately need the hope that only Jesus provides. Could the money you never had help us to continue and expand our ministry? I’m sure that it could.

To give…

  1. in the giving bags on a Sunday (still an option :-))
  2. by direct deposit – Southern Cross Presbyterian Church; BSB: 062 674; Account: 28009463
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