What women want

Do we buy them a ring or do the washing?

How do we show our wives that we love them?

Our world might say the diamond ring of course!! Spend the money, show her how much you really love her. But blokes maybe we need to hear ‘what women want”! Listen to a Christian wife reflect on it…

‘ My husband knows that giving me flowers or taking me out for dinner & uninterrupted conversations makes me feel really treasured. I appreciate it so much when he does these things for me. But I think that time and maybe the busyness of motherhood has made me appreciate so much more the ‘everyday’ and seemingly less romantic ways that my husband loves me… the way he does the grocery shopping for me when he can so that I don’t have to take along the kids when I do it (and take twice as long!)… These things might seem small but I know all you mums out there can relate to how amazingly big they are when you’ve had a week of washing endless clothes, cleaning up vomit, holding babies while attempting to clean, dealing with temper tantrums & changing nappies (as I have had this past week!). Caring for my personal and spiritual growth in these really practical ways does not seem romantic and it doesn’t make me weak at the knees but I can tell you that it goes a long way in making me feel loved.’

Listening to the words of that wife, it seems what our wives want, is an ‘everyday’ kinda of love. So whatever we do, its worth stopping to reflect on what our wives might say…

‘Understand your wife’s world… that someone is always needing her, that she is doing something (‘if a mother’) which is wonderful (and yet not much appreciated in our culture)… Understand that her life may be lonely (or for introverts overcrowded) (‘or maybe both: overcrowded and lonely!‘)” 1

So blokes, how do we love our wives?

Well get em the ring or whatever gift they might like. (check out ‘little polli and the blackbird‘ see image above, for a great array of gifts: shop 19 Star Court Arcade, 126 Molesworth Street, Lismore)


Put on the washing.

But ‘what godly women really want’ is men who will love them in the everyday, following the model of Christ Eph 5:25-27.


1 An exert from ‘Family: marriage, sex, parenting and singleness‘ unit from groundwork

check out a sample from this unit here:



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