In ????? name, Amen

Is there a reason that at SCPC we end our prayers with, in Jesus name? You may have heard it said in a number of ways; for the glory of Jesus, Amen. Through Jesus blood, Amen. In the precious name of Christ, Amen. And so on.logo..

But why? Is it irrelevant? Could we just finish by saying a simple Amen? Or could we pray in another name? Maybe the Father’s or the Spirit’s name?

Our is it just tradition? Is this just a meaningless phrase that has been passed down and around from Christian to Christian with no one really knowing how it came about or why they do it but they just do it?

Well, there are a number of reasons why we do pray in Jesus name, which include: because he told us to (John 16:23-24), to bring the Father glory (John 14:13), and to show the unity of the Father and Son (John 16:23). But you can be sure that none are because of tradition!

Our God is Trinity and our prayers should reflect that. We pray to the Father, in the power of the Holy Spirit, through the name of Jesus.

So the reason we pray in Jesus name is because HE is the only way we can have access to the Father. It is because of his sacrifice in our place that we have peace and a reconciled relationship with the Father (Col 1:21-22). Without Jesus’ payment for our sin and giving us adoption us sons we would still be enemies of God. We would have no loving relationship with Him and therefore no confidence that he would hear our prayers or take our desires into consideration. But because of Jesus’ spilt blood we can have confidence to pray to God (Heb 1910:19-22).

So the reason we pray in Jesus name is to show explicitly that we believe in the above truths.

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