World cup fever…

Have you noticed that there is slight anticipation in the air…? Like something big is about to happen…

Well, if you look around around you, you will see that some people around the world are going a bit crazy with a fever of sorts… SOCCER fever.

Its everywhere! On TV, a lot of the ads are building up the fever. In the shops, you will see weetbix boxes that have now come out in a special Socceroos edition. ItsĀ  a pretty huge event and in some ways, it feels bigger than the Olympics.

I don’t know about you and whether you are a soccer fan – I’m bit of a fan. I remember 4 years ago, going on very little sleep for weeks on end, just so I could see the socceroos get closer and closer to the finals. The best ever performance of the socceroos… Still a bit bitter about the Italy game!!

It surprises me every time how much this captures the world’s attention. People are watching; people are cheering; people are talking about who beat who, who’s going to win overall. There’s just so much to talk about… I think this is usually where a thought comes into my head – where does the gospel fit into all this? It’s so easy to have conversations all about soccer and the world cup with friends of ours but what about the good news, the news that is worth world wide cheering about?

Just something to think about this world cup season… how can you use it for God’s purpose and glory??

One great thing that is happening at church in a few weeks time is a combined kids church event. Our kids church team have organised “The world event”. Its all about teaching the kids that there is a greater world event than the world cup… Encourage your kids to come along and remember to ask them what they learnt! For more information, please speak to Stew Playsted on Sunday.

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  1. suzie says:

    Daisy and Hamish are really excited about the World Event at kids church next week, they’ve already started planning their blue / green outfits! Thanks for the extra effort by the kids church team to put on something really fun. Is there some other week when the working bee isn’t on for the parents v kids soccer match? I was looking forward to spectating.

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