Youth Leader Profiles: Caley Tirris

At SCPC we love our youth and that means we love our youth leaders. You may have a teenager in YOUTH, be someone who has been through YOUTH, or be currently going to YOUTH.10404481_570543013054887_2975390031613893279_n We thought it’d be good to share the youth leader profiles so that we can know and pray for our leaders a bit more.

Hello my name is Caley and I lead the year 9-10 girls. This is my third year as a leader and I was a youth myself for 4 years before this. I actually became a Christian during youth thanks to God working through the faithful teaching of the youth leaders. Because of this I have a real passion for sharing God’s word with other youth. It’s been so good to chat to my girls about the struggles they face as teenage girls in our world today and be able to point them towards Jesus as their lover and strength. My hope is that God would use our discussions to help them know and love Him more.

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