Talk 4, Public Enemy #1

Acts_unstoppableActs 9:1-31
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  1. Trevor Voltz says:

    Sitting in church on Sunday I was challenged with the same thought as Ananias and the apostles ‘ this guy murdered people, those people who follow you Jesus how can we except him how can we trust him?’ The words of Jesus resonated in my heart ‘ I have chosen him’ the man who killed His people who in turn crucified Christ every-time he did this. So often we see Saul’s conversion and go wow and except it but would we except today if someone like him came to our church?
    Hmmm before God chose me, before He came to me, I crucified Christ as I rejected and denied His grace and mercy. My sin is the same as Saul’s in the end but What a God we have that He has chosen us to be his instruments to spread the gospel to the ends regardless of our past. This has thrust me even more to see His word spoken to all people.

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