Riding The Rapids


I recently had the pleasure of reading the story of Sylvia Jeanes.

This book tells about the life of Sylvia from her childood, becoming a Christian, becoming a missionary, being a missionary, and retiring.

It felt like a privilege to read about 65 years of her life in a little book.

It was hard not to think, she is really living for God. She is a missionary, teaching people openly about God each day, running Churches, doing translation work. wow!!

But the thing is, when I reflected more on my life and Church, I realised that there are so many people around me who are passionately living for Jesus each and everyday! There was something that help me see this more too. When I was in Indonesia for my honeymoon, I met an Indonesian Christian women who recently was threatened to have her house burned down if she talks about Jesus. I was surprised to hear that she said that the Australian people she often meets in her tourist restaurant are often very hostile towards God. Not necessarily towards her, but towards God. She says most of them don’t trust him or the Bible. She challenged me by saying, “who is reaching them (the Australians)?”

This helped me see that we are in a missionfield here. In Lismore. We witness to hardened hearts each and everyday.

And all this makes me think, wow! I think a lot of SCPC Christians could have a fantastic book written about their lives too. A book that would show the way God is using His dependant servants to glorify Himself.

So this book was definitely worth a read. Not just to go, “wow! what an amazing woman.” But to be encouraged by the life of another Australian who served God and then reflecting on the ways we too serve God and how we can more and more…

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