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At church on Sunday night we heard from Ian Coutts about how significant it was for him to be ‘adopted’ by a family from church when he arrived in Lismore to study at SCU some years back. It was a big part of getting connected with our wider church family and being encouraged in following Jesus.

Perhaps it was also Ian’s mention of three-course meals but the interview had the effect of prompting 8 more students to ‘sign-up’ to be adopted.  That’s great, because there are many families in the church ready and waiting to adopt! If there are any more students interested in being adopted (or families in adopting), do let us know soon because we’ll shortly be finishing all the matching up so the meals can begin and the and friendships grow, as we grab this opportunity to spur one another on in Christ.

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2 comments on “Adopt a Student
  1. peter y says:

    As a past Adoptee I’d like to personally testify that having a break from Devon Sandwiches and Spaghetti Bolognase is exceedingly good for the soul (not to mention the body). Especially in these economically hard times – in other words, especially since Norco shut down their factory seconds day every Thursday and you can’t get cheap 11 litre tubs of ice cream for $6 anymore.

    Dietary and economic factors aside, my Adopted parents from church really helped me settle in to life in Lismore and being a part of SCPC.

  2. Katja McPherson says:

    As an adoptive parent I hope that adoptees get more than just a good feed every now and again. I am still in contact with my adoptive daughter who has moved to Sydney – making meals a bit difficult! Hopefully your relationship will be one of mutual Christian encouragement (over a good meal). Can I encourage students to sign up and adoptive parents to make the most of the opportunity.

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