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It’s been 6 months since I posted a review of Tim Hughes’ album “Holding Nothing Back” (see here), but still I find it’s a Christian album I’m coming back to again and again. It’s quality Christian music.

Today’s item “God of Justice” is off “Holding Nothing Back” (keep an eye on the featured items page – it’s coming soon) – and we’ll be learning two new congregationals later in the year off the same album (“Almighty God” and “Living for Your Glory”). Matt Simpson and I were talking through the week how a bunch of the songs would work really well for a youth band too (like “Happy Day” and “Centre of it All”) . True – there’s a small amount of worrying lyrics (see the review for more info), but largely it’s great stuff – lifting our eyes high to the biblical and praise-worthy Jesus.

Looking for some good Christian music? I still recommend this one. You can sample it here, and buy it here (it’s $20 at the time I’m posting this).

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3 comments on “Quality Christian Album
  1. steve says:

    Thanks Peter. Had another listen to Tim Hughes this morning and yes, it really is good stuff. Thanks for the item on Sunday which was wonderful – and to you and Peita for a nice change with the ‘unplugged feel’ for the congregational singing – definitely worth doing from time to time. My observation is that the congregational singing has really strengthened at church across recent months and that reflects the hard work going on in music ministry to enable that. Thanks brother.

  2. peter y says:

    Thanks Steve.

    It’s been really great song leading up front recently – the congregation has been singing much louder than usual – and the acoustic-vibed music helped that along nicely.

    Hopefully people keep singing loudly! It’s very encouraging – yes to those up front, but especially to those standing in the congregation. The horizontal aspect of congregational singing – that is, the singing of Christ-centred, Bible-soaked words TO EACH OTHER (not just to God) – is often overlooked. Is a very helpful way to spur each other on as a church family.

    I’m still listening to Tim Hughes a lot too – I enjoy the way he references a lot of older hymns in his songs. It’ll be great to sing “Almighty God” together in a few weeks.

  3. peita patch says:

    Just wanted to say how WONDERFUL it was to be able to hear the congregation singing on Sunday. It sounded GREAT. Occasionally I can hear a verse here or a chorus there… but on Sunday I heard every word!

    Can I just encourage you all (as Peter has) to keep singing to one another about our Almighty God and his son Jesus!

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