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Thanks for Singing From the Heart

A special THANKS to everyone for allowing me to teach a bunch of songs written by myself and katharine this year. I’ve always wanted to try writing congregational songs but haven’t known whether it was something I’d be gifted at.

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The Prodigal – Animation

Today in church, while celebrating the Lords Supper, we watched a animation of ‘The Prodigal’ by Sovereign Grace Music. Click here to watch it again on youtube. Sovereign Grace Music put out excellent Christian music – including many songs we

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some changes ahead for EC

In case you weren’t at church on Sunday, it was announced that we (Peter Yock and Katharine Crossle) are engaged – news we are excited to share with our church family, and we’d love for you to pray with us

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A Weekend in Sydney with Sam Herd

Late last month Sam Herd and I went to Sydney for the weekend to check out Twist Music Conference and Kirkplace Presbyterian Church – as well as one other special pit-stop. Sam’s still in Sydney for his final Year 13

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