The Prodigal – Animation

Today in church, while celebrating the Lords Supper, we watched a animation of ‘The Prodigal’ by Sovereign Grace Music. Click here to watch it again on youtube.

Sovereign Grace Music put out excellent Christian music – including many songs we sing together at church (eg. ‘The Glories of Calvary’, ‘I Have A Shelter’, ‘Before The Throne of God Above’, etc). ‘The Prodigal’ is off their album ‘Sons and Daughters’. I highly recommend buying Sovereign Grace Music albums. Listening to good Christian music helps us in our relationship with Jesus – well worth investing in.

Click here to buy the CD album ‘Sons and Daughters’ from Koorong (currently on sale)

Click here to buy the digital album ‘Sons and Daughters’ from iTunes

Click here to buy an mp3 of ‘The Prodigal’ for $0.99

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One comment on “The Prodigal – Animation
  1. Steve says:

    Thank you God fot the gift of this beautiful song and animation to show Your love for us. May this love overflow in our lives that many wayward children would know and take hold of it.

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