Growup: Day 347

1 Peter 4-5 & 2 Peter

Reading Peter’s letters, it quickly becomes clear that there are a few key things he is convinced of…

– the end of all things has drawn near through the death and resurrection of Jesus

– this should shape how we live as we wait for him to return

Рthe main characteristics of this life should be love, humility, service and  joyful suffering

– at his return, Jesus will bring judgment and glory

– in the meantime we must hold firm to Jesus and his gospel and the godly life that flows from it lest we be led astray and fall from grace

I find this perspective extremely challenging. I compare my own thoughts, attitudes, priorities and perspectives and discover that I need to be reminded of the gospel and its consequences daily. Otherwise, insignificant things take on great importance for me and the way that I use my time, gifts, words, money etc. all become distorted.

How about you?

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