Thanks for Singing From the Heart

A special THANKS to everyone for allowing me to teach a bunch of songs written by myself and katharine this year. I’ve always wanted to try writing congregational songs but haven’t known whether it was something I’d be gifted at. And even once you’ve written a song it’s hard to tell whether it works well as a congregational without trying it in church. So I’m very thankful for the opportunity I’ve had to write and teach my songs to the church family this year – it’s been a surprising source of encouragement, and I hope to do more of it in the future.

‘Reckless Love’ was my first congregational and although there is an OK version of it recorded live in church, I’ve never had a particularly good recording. So I thought before my time at SCPC was up it’d be good for katharine and I to put together a better recording – posted below for free download. I hope you’ll download, be encouraged, and continue to sing from the heart.

[audio:|titles=reckless love]

Right click here to download a NEW recording of –> reckless love

Other songs from this year:

Mercy Today

[audio:|titles=mercy today]

Right click here to download –> mercy today

Sons of God

[audio:|titles=Sons of God (full band)]

Right click here to download –> Sons of God (full band)

Grace Abounds

[audio:|titles=grace abounds]

Right click here to download –> grace abounds

Christ for Me

[audio:|titles=Christ for me]

Right click here to download –> Christ for me

…and just for good measure, here’s a special recording of my arrangement of ‘Rock Of Ages’

[audio:|titles=rock of ages]

Right click here to download –> rock of ages

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3 comments on “Thanks for Singing From the Heart
  1. David says:

    Thanks for the updated recordings Yocky. Keep us posted with any new songs Katharine or you write.

  2. Mitchell Roberts says:

    Thanks heaps for writing these song Pete, they’re honestly some of the best ones I know of. Keep up the great work brother.

  3. Frances says:

    Reckless love is a really beautiful song. You other songs are good as well but this one is just awesome.

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