Celebration Sunday – big Birthday Party!

Get ready for Celebration Sunday! It’s happening on Sunday 21 September, where our morning & evening congregations meet to celebrate God and the great things he is doing in our church family (please note there will be no night church!).

Our first Celebration Sunday took place last year. We reflected on the last 10 years at Southern Cross and rejoiced as a church family in the gathering work God has done amongst us. Now a year on we can give thanks and celebrate our 11th Birthday and see by God’s grace how he is continuing to grow us as we journey through life’s joys and struggles.

We see many exciting things happening in our church – people coming to know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour, kids growing up in the Lord, adults spurring one another on to serve Christ more wholeheartedly – what a great thing to thank God for and as a significant part of this special event, we celebrate God’s saving work in and through our church.

An important part of responding to our salvation is taking the opportunity to publicly affirm our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and baptism is a great accompanying symbol to this public affirmation. For this reason, we want to invite anyone who desires to respond to God’s mercy and grace by publicly affirming their faith in Jesus through baptism, and to do so in front of our church family on Celebration Sunday.

Another exciting thing that God continues to do amongst us at Southern Cross is bringing new people into our church family. We consider everyone one of these people to be a great gift of God and so we do all that we can to invite them to participate fully in the life of our church. As with baptism, becoming a member also involves a public affirmation of faith in Christ as well as some great promises of commitment to His people at Southern Cross. Once again, this is something worth celebrating.

If you would like to take part in either the baptism or membership parts of the day then make sure that you express your interest. Please contact Julie in the office on 02 6621 3655.

Celebration Sunday is for everyone who is or has been part of our church family and anyone else you want to invite. The service starts at 9.30am at Lismore High School followed by a meal together from about 12pm onwards. Southern Cross will provide the meat, drinks and dessert but it would be great if every family and household could bring a dish to share.

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2 comments on “Celebration Sunday – big Birthday Party!
  1. Rachael says:

    The 21st of September cannot come fast enough!
    Hanging out as a whole church and praising God for all the awesome stuff He’s been doing (and will continue to do) in our wonderful church family…BRING IT ON!
    What a great way to spend a Sunday!

  2. Hamish says:

    Hey! That’s Rachael!

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