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Just posting a brief blog as I finalise some preparation for Sunday’s Bible Talk. It’s a funny thing preaching again after one of the longest breaks I’ve had from it in 11 years – 6 weeks off. And a time, with Rossie’s illness, where my focus has been very much elsewhere than preaching (unlike, for example, when we have a college student with us in January and I’m involved in training and feedback etc).

And so, apart from trying to remember just how you prepare one of these ‘bible talk’ things again, it’s interesting to also recall what the point of it all is. The easiest answer to that, however, is also to reflect on what it’s been like for us to go to church the last few weeks – wonderful! It has been simply wonderful in the midst of a difficult time to join with God’s loving people and to sit under the great promises of the gospel. The gospel is always food for the soul and never more so than during difficult times. I am grateful to God for the messengers of the gospel – those who have preached over recent weeks – and especially for the message of the gospel – the purpose and hope and life we have in Jesus.

The challenge is to keep it real. I hope this has always been the case. But I’m realising more than ever that opening God’s Word together week by week, and through the week, is never to be some mere ritual that we wander through. It is a breathtaking privilege. It is where we listen to our very Creator and respond in in joy and obedience and faith. God’s Word truly does speak to the real issues and challenges of life. It’s real. May we always keep our response real.

Keep it real. To the honour of Jesus.

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  1. Trev Voltz says:

    AMEN . Lets keep it real in our lives

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