Connecting kids to Christ

Children are the future our of community and the future of our church. With the start of the school year what better time to consider how we can connect kids to Christ.

For many years, outside the structure of the church, the key way children have been invited to consider Christ is through Special Religious Education (Scripture). What a wonderful opportunity we have been presented to walk into (largely full) classrooms and present the truths of God’s word.

However as you would no doubt be aware, SRE has received a great deal of media coverage in more recent years and the sad reality is that in time within the public schooling system, it is likely to disappear. Does that mean the future of the church is lost?

We must take comfort that it is Christ who builds his church so whether we have scripture in schools or not, Christ will call kids to himself.

Therefore  regardless of the future of SRE in schools, Christ will be at work building the church. The great thing about this news is that we are included in the building project. In fact the apostle Peter helpfully reminds us, we are the Church, we are the bricks, the living stones. He goes on to say that by these ‘living stones’ living hope-filled lives among a community that doesn’t believe, we intrigue them to the point they ask questions about the hope they see we have. Though the doors to school scripture might close, our life together is a door waiting to be opened.

Gospel communities then aren’t just for the adults to be on mission together, they are a place for whole families to be on mission, kids included. How good would it be for adults from our church if they stopped and listened to the kids about friends they have who don’t know Jesus. How great would it be if the kids invited their friend along and all sorts of ‘grown-ups’ took an interest in them and showed them the love of Jesus.

Late last year on a Saturday afternoon Susan and I took the children down to our local oval to fly kites, we invited our neighbour and our gospel community along as well. Not everyone came, in fact just one family from our Gospel community came. But for the next hour and a half the kids flew kites, the Dads chatted and kicked balls and the ladies chatted with our neighbour. Then in the midst of this two boys who I teach SRE to, turned up and joined in the fun! It was a great afternoon on a number of levels.

SRE in schools still exists and we should take that opportunity while that door is open. Yet even if one day that door closes, lets encourage our kids to invite their friends into the open door of Christian community. SP

For more info regarding SRE and teaching opportunities please speak to Stewart:

SRE Training day

Monday 13th February, 2012     9-15 am to 1 pm

Venue:  Goonellabah R.S.L.Sports Club
Oliver Avenue, Goonellabah


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2 comments on “Connecting kids to Christ
  1. Hey Stew, great post!

    As a scripture teacher, I certainly want to promote the opportunity to get involved in the lives of kids (and staff!) we wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to. I met my new class this week and I’m really relishing the opportunity to blow their minds with the gospel!

    But how true that our life shared in community is an ever-present opportunity to connect with kids and parents and to help them see the greatness of Jesus and the “rightness” of living under his sovereign, gracious rule.

    Thanks too for sharing the concrete story of your visit to the park. I’ve just been praying that your GC would be able to take those relationships further and receive the opportunity from God to share the good news of Jesus.

  2. Stewart Playsted says:

    Yeah I love in the front of the SRE material where it shows the optimal area for great gospel learning to occur.

    They have circles which cross over each other: one circle is the truths of the gospel (teaching Gods word) and another one is sharing how the gospel affects your life.

    Its where they cross that we have great power!

    I hope my time in SRE and Gospel communities help my gospel life collide with those in the community and under God at the same time, like that Saturday afternoon!

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