THIS SUNDAY: Calling All Labourers!

One of the great things about having our Sunday meetings at Lismore High School is the opportunity it gives us to serve the school in a variety of ways. As well as being a practical expression of the love of Christ, such help builds good will with the school which we depend upon (humanly speaking!) for the healthy continuation of our tenancy.

This Sunday after morning church we have just this sort of opportunity. The garden beds that we helped to construct during the last LHS working bee have been waiting to be filled with soil for some time. This Sunday is the day! So if you own a shovel or spade bring it along with you on Sunday and together we’ll make light work of it. It’d also be helpful to have as many wheelbarrows as possible so if you can bring one of those too that’d be GREAT!

This is obviously a case of “many hands make light work” but it’s also an opportunity to show our unity in Christ – that whenever the opportunity arises we all pitch in!

I’m looking forward to sweating alongside you and labouring in prayer that the love of Christ would be known through our life!

WHEN? 11am Sunday 19 February

WHERE? LHS “no-dig” garden

WHAT TO BRING? spades/shovels, wheelbarrows

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