double plugger camp wrap up

Our first ever double plugger camp is officially over and I am still sore from trying to pretend that I’m not getting old and crusty. As many of you may already be aware the camp had a Saviour and Lord focus.

On the Friday night we listened to a talk by Tim Kellar on the Prodigal Sons (Luke 15:11-32) and we learnt that all of us (it doesn’t matter if we are drug dealers or goodie two shoes) need a Saviour. All of us are guilty of trying to control God and are therefore guilty of rejecting him. We also learnt about God’s merciful and loving character, that even though we try to control him – he still really loves us and wants us to be in a relationship with him.

On the Saturday morning we read Luke 14:25-35 and thought about what it means to really follow Jesus and we saw that it means that Jesus needs to be number 1 (even above their mothers and fathers). It was a chance for the youth to think about whether they really want Jesus to be both their Saviour and Lord.

We finished off the teaching component of the weekend by listening to a talk by David Jones on Mark 8:27-9:1. The talk was about Jesus and his cross and us and our cross. The youth were challenged to take up their cross, to give up their lives to love and serve Jesus as Lord, in response to Jesus giving up his life for them.

We finished off the weekend with the ‘double plugger challenge’, a bush walk and a session at the Kyogle Skate Park. Unfortunately the leaders lost the challenge but we definitely won the boat races.

Please pray that the youth and leaders who attended the camp would take up the challenge to live with Jesus as Saviour and Lord.

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One comment on “double plugger camp wrap up
  1. Dylan says:

    Yeah Simon, you must be sore after that display of skating!!!!

    p.s. nice ollie over the 2 skateboards.

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