Dry and crusty

For lots of different reasons (mainly because we live in a fallen world) I feel quite flat at the moment.

Even though Sunday was a sad day, I really liked the words of one of the songs that we sang (not that I didn’t like the other songs). The song was ‘love came down’ and I really like the following lines from the song.

I’ve found a love
greater than life itself
I’ve found a hope
stronger and nothing compares

I know that we have sung this song a fare few times before. But for some reason on the weekend I could really see that in Jesus we have a love greater than life itself and an eternal hope far greater than anything this world fallen can give us.

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2 comments on “Dry and crusty
  1. Peter Yock says:

    Thanks for your honesty Simon. It’s great how God uses music to help a truth that we already know sink in even deeper, so we know it even more. Greater than life itself…

  2. David says:

    Thanks for letting us know how this song had a positive effect on you Simon. This song means a lot to me too – real hope beyond this world of sorrow, sin and disappointments. It’s great to hear what God is doing in people’s hearts, as you often don’t know what is going on inside of people. I’d like to hear from more people about how God’s word in songs has affected them.

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