Have you ever heard 3 people tell the same story but notice that there were slight differences in the details? Last term, someone asked the question:

The gospel can’t seem to agree on who actually saw the resurrected Jesus at first. Different people in each of the Gospels. If God’s word is present throughout the Bible, how could he stuff this up, when so important?

In the bible, there are four different accounts of Jesus’ life (the Gospels). I have often wondered about why one writer speaks of one event and another writer mentions something else. The question is then: does that mean that God messed up? Messed up something so crucial, so important…

How do differences in stories happen? For example, look at this picture: lots of witnesses but I bet each of them would’ve had a slightly different account of how the car arrived in its precarious position. The differences remind us of the reality that people can look at the same event and walk away with a different perspective.

A couple of weeks ago at church, we thought through the question: can we REALLY trust the bible? We can see that there is historical evidence supporting the events of the bible, particularly Jesus’ death, and the events following Jesus’ resurrection. Its pretty amazing that there is so much evidence and yet the events of Jesus’ life can be still treated as myth. What are your thoughts?

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