Working Bee coming up next Sunday…

As you may have already heard, Lismore High School are having a working bee on Sunday 17 May from 8.30am to 1.30pm.

This is a great chance to support and strengthen our relationship with the school; if you able to help out in anyway please come prepared (maybe wear some of your gardening clothes to church on Sunday!)  If you have a shovel, hoe, rake, garden fork, wheelbarrow or secateurs please also bring them along and remember to label it with your name to save any confusion.

From 10.45am we will be joining together for a special ‘bring and share’ morning tea and then getting stuck into some work.  The plan is to re-mulch and add plants to the garden near the front carpark steps and then maintain that area beyond the actual working bee.  Please feel free to leave any comments or questions you may have.

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5 comments on “Working Bee coming up next Sunday…
  1. Suzie says:

    I was so encouraged by the working bee today! It kind of felt like church camp – lots of yummy morning tea (no one knows how to cater like a bunch of christians, i’m sure the other workers that joined us for m.t. would have been amazed by the spread), time to talk with all different people from church , and lots of opportunites to be a community together. It was so nice to see the kids and grown ups gardening together and the gentle care for the littlies. I’m sorry that personally i didn’t lift a peice of bark, but it was really special and refreshing to have chatted with so many and seen our church family in action. It makes me look forward even more to NCCC next weekend and ultimatly heaven, where there’ll be feasting and hanging out for all eternity!

  2. katharine says:

    I agree suzie – from my vantage point behind the tea and coffee table it was really encouraging to see the quantity of people and food and the fun vibe of the morning – but my highlight was seeing school and church communities mixing together

  3. Beccy C. says:

    Yeah it was great that so many of the workers came over to the morning tea – although it was a little bit weird seeing my teachers on a sunday!
    And today the some of the students were commenting on how nice it looked – great job everybody!!

  4. Pete says:

    Amen! Amen! Amen!

    Thanks to everyone who contributed – whether with food for morning tea, planting & mulching or both. As well as just enjoying each other’s company, I’ve no doubt we were a great witness to Christ’s love by the way we obviously love each other. Praise God!

    What’s the next project!?

  5. Trev says:

    Hey Pete did you cook the giant grub for tea?

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