Fellow Workers

I’m very glad we don’t run the Christian race alone, but alongside brothers and sisters. And specifically, I’m very glad we don’t do ministry alone… but alongside brothers and sisters. Fellow workers. And I don’t just mean not just the paid ones, the staff ones (although that is a special joy) of course, but all in our church family who catch the vision for promoting the gospel of Jesus together.

That’s what I’m thinking of reflecting upon in a paper I have been asked to present to a Church planting conference at Moore Theological College in June. Fellow workers: it’s all over the New Testament, especially in those great lists of names at the end of Paul’s letters – he definitely didn’t go it alone. And fellow workers: it’s been all over the shape of ministry at SCPC since day one – for which I am very thankful to God. So to all you fellow workers who have mission burning in your hearts as we labour together for Jesus – thank you – you are a great encouragement.

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2 comments on “Fellow Workers
  1. David says:

    I’m very grateful that we are all working together in ministry too. Sometimes it is easy to feel discouraged, insufficiently gifted, tired and personally overwhelmed with life’s difficulties when trying to fulfill our mission of presenting Christ to everyone, and everyone mature in Christ. I’m very thankful for how encouraging being part of this church is though, as there is a culture of everyone doing ministry and living for God together. It is great how all the guys in my Bible study group discuss the Bible passage together each week and the challenges it presents to live lives worthy of the gospel in Mission 09!

  2. Simon Allery says:

    It’s great that were all part of a team that is working hard to bring glory to God. I have no idea how Ministers who work by themselves survive. I certainly wouldn’t.

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